Violinist playing Hip Hop style and DJ joining him

~ ~

Hip Hip Violin And DJ - Click here for more blooper videos


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LES FRANKEN (Michael Rapaport) leads a painfully unremarkable life as a parking lot cop until he enrolls in a drug study for an experimental anti-depressant. An unexpected side effect of the drug convinces Les he is developing special powers and must quit his job to answer his new calling in life... Superhero

The trailer above walks the edge of being a goofy comedy and offering dark commentary on mental illness, which seems to represent the film well judging by reviews.

Billy the Kid did what he did and he died

~ ~
New animated video for WHY? for the song "Song of the Sad Assassin" off there new album Alopecia. The video was directed by animator Mike L. Mayfield ("Family Guy", "American Dad").


~ ~

PFFR (pronounced P.F.R.) is a Brooklyn based electro-rock band/art collective consisting of Alyson Levy, Vernon Chatman, Jim Tozzi, and John Lee.

The groups portfolio of work includes 3 LPs: Rock, Rocker, Rocketh (2001, self released), Injustice Center (2003, Invasion Planete France) and United We Doth (2004, Birdman), the download-only EP Chrome Ghost (2005, Birdman-A-Phone), art exhibits such as An Attack On All Americans Or The Tyranny Of Weed shown at the LFL Galley in New York, and the script for avante garde porn film Final Flesh.

PFFR are also behind the controversial MTV2 comedy series Wonder Showzen. Chatman and Lee are the writers, directors and main voice talent, whilst Levy and Tozzi are the shows art/animation directors and additional voice talent. Chatman and Lee also collaborated on Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, a short lived sketch show starring rapper Snoop Dogg who made a guest appearance on PFFR's 'United We Doth' LP.

In interviews, the band have proven to be whimsical and flippant, often going off at random, nonsensical tangents to their own amusement. When asked about their inception and existence, the answer is often the same: "A shimmering gem crashed down from the heavens, black clouds exploded unto the Earth and PFFR was formed." The story's finer details are known to vary, but the basic premise is kept. In an interview given by Chatman and Lee for The Sound Of Young America radio show, host Jesse Thorn asks the duo about the beliefs behind Wonder Showzen, to which they partly reply "We believe in the power of a mystical gem that emenated from a dark cloud in the sky. 'God' queefed her light through it, and the refraction formed a dragon, a cougar and a sea beast. They together shat out a script and we printed it up and shot it."
The bands website is equally outlandish, consisting of streams of garish, neon colours, a news column with such nonsense articles as "Goblins of Gob World Tour conceived. PFFR hospitalized after first grog. Hospital still under construction" and a 'cute' chipmunk that, when clicked, grows an enormous erect penis that ejaculates to display the sites menu options.

Before Wonder Showzen, PFFR were also known to not reveal their personal identities, and would only claim that they were a "group of highly motivated young people (aged 13, 15 and older) that formed a band in order to start a riot in the local public library." These nonsense claims and back story appropriately represent their bizarre music and art.

Dina Waxman from the alternative/indie rock band Space MTN is known to be a founding member of PFFR.

PFFR - Superfine

PFFR - japoney appoe

They also have a new show on Adult Swim called Xavier: Renegade Angel. The show follows Xavier (a Native American-influenced faun-like wanderer/seeker with a snake hand, backwards knees, a beak, heterochromic eyes, and six nipples), who is traveling across America to find out the truth about his mysterious and uncertain origin, and uncover his parents' murderer. Occasional flashbacks to his past show that he himself killed his parents after starting an accidental fire in their home, but on the rare occasions when he is presented with the truth, he subconsciously rejects it.

Each episode begins with Xavier walking through the desert, musing on the themes of that episode, before entering a town, where he will usually meet someone whom he thinks needs his help. His attempts to help, however, are hamstrung by his own abject incompetence, and many episodes are based purely around Xavier trying to limit the damage that he has caused. Most episodes end with him walking back into the desert, thinking that he has managed to do some good, when he usually has not.

Artwork of Paul Alexander Thornton

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Charlottefield : Threes

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Charlottefield myspace

Covers part 2

~ ~

A while back I wrote about a few different cover versions I thought weere good. Bands putting a different spin on the original. It can be found here
since then ive heard some new good ones and remembered some classic that i can't believe i forgot so i present cover versions part 2 (in the read more)

First up we have Big black (in case you don't know Big Black was a noise rock band founded in Chicago, Illinois, United States, that was active between 1982 and 1987. They were headed by singer, lyricist, guitarist, and co-songwriter Steve Albini) doing a cover of Kraftwerk's "The Model" (or "Das Model") here's the original.

Kraftwerk - The Model

In Big Black's version the synths are replaced with that sick bass sound and high pitched guitar squeals to great effect.

MP3>Big Black - The Model

Next up I have Hot chip doing a cover of the original pimp himself Marvin Gaye all time classic Sexual Healing.

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing

Now im not sure that the hot chip version will have the same effect in the bedroom department but it still sounds good.

MP3>Hot Chip - Sexual Healing

next we have 5 street walkers with a record contract or better know as the pussycat dolls being covered by xiu xiu , this is a bit of a weird one and as much as it pains me here is the original.

The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha

I much perfer xiu xiu version.
MP3>Xiu Xiu - don't cha

next we have Bonnie "Prince" Billy doing a cover of the real talking R. Kelly. the song in question is World's Greatest (I had never heard it before either).

R. Kelly - The Worlds Greatest

Will Oldam changes this RnB ditty into a country song as only he can and I have to say I love it.

MP3>Bonnie "Prince" Billy - World's Greatest

Next is Cansei de Ser Sexy putting their spin on the Grizzly Bear tune knife. I think you know what to expect so first the original
Grizzly Bear - Knife

and now the cover.
MP3>Cansei de Ser - the knife

Finally we have TV on the Radio covering a Daniel Johnston tune, one of my favorite Daniel Johnston, while his own version is raw and is really heartfelt the TV on the radio version really show off Daniels writing ability

MP3>Daniel Johnston - walking the cow

MP3>TV on the Radio - walking the cow

And now to show how wrong cover versions can be
Take That 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' 1995

yes they did this just a year after Kurt died


~ ~

let this video be a warning if you think you see Will Oldham

New Chromatics video

~ ~

Chromatics originally hailed from Seattle as a quartet featuring vocalist Adam Miller, drummer Hannah Blilie, guitarist Devin Welch, and bassist Michelle Nolan. That lineup debuted in 2002 with a Calvin Johnson-produced 7" on Gold Standard Laboratories -- a split with Die Monitr Batss -- and followed with the similarly GSL-issued Chrome Rats vs. Basement Rulz LP.

While Chrome Rats was critically hailed, the Chromatics couldn't keep it together, and Miller was soon the only member in good standing (Blilie, Welch, and Nolan went on to form the similar-sounding Shoplifting). Unworried, Miller added guitar and drum programming to his vocal duties and tapped bassist Nat Sahlstrom for the 2003 GSL 7" Ice Hatchets. That was followed by the February 2004 full-length Plaster Hounds (which featured the percussion work of Get Hustle's Ron Avila), and a repositioning of the Chromatics axis to greater reflect its dub and no wave influences.

This lineup too disolved and Adam Miller relocated Chromatics to Portland, teaming up with Glass Candy's Johnny Jewel, Ruth Radelet on lead vocals, and Nat Walker on percussion and saxophone. The new lineup of Chromatics has a more lo-fi electronic sound as opposed to the earlier dub and no-wave sounds.

so thats the history lesson over, the new video is for "Killing Spree"-- a highly cinematic instrumental from their 2007 album Night Drive. The video was by Glass Candy member Johnny Jewel, who also helmed the video for Chromatics' "In the City".
The video is identified as the "censored version," so when the uncensored one pops up i will post that too.

Chromatics - KILLING SPREE (Censored Version)

I tried to kiss her in the fourth dimension But the teacher gave me five days detention

~ ~

The Chinese Stars are an American band from Providence, Rhode Island formed from the ashes of Arab on Radar and Six Finger Satellite. Their music has been put under the noise rock/dance category, but could best be described as having solid funk basslines, 4-on-the-floor dance beats and very trebly vocals and guitar work. Singer Eric Paul provides somewhat disturbing vocals, viewed by most fans as an exorcising of past demons.

Eric Paul and Craig Kureck before the bands collapse were the driving force behind Arab On Radar and likewise Richard Ivan Pelletier was the former drummer of Six Finger Satellite and, after Six Finger Satellite disbanded, joined The Chinese Stars on bass.
Their name is a reference to a fad in the eighties over Shuriken throwing stars from Japan, and the effect they had on terrified parents.
Their EP on Kitty Play Records was intended to be a split with Daughters but a tiff (allegedly at the fish and chips store where two of the members worked) prevented this.
Their 2007 album "Listen to Your Left Brain" recorded with Keith Souza at Machines With Magnets was released March 20th on ThreeOneG.

The Chinese Stars - Cheap City Halo

Chinese Stars "Girls of Las Vegas"

MP3>The Chinese Stars-Left Brain

MP3>The Chinese Stars -Panic in the Population

MP3>The Chinese Stars -Girls of Las Vegas

Nerdcore For Life

~ ~

Nerdcore hip hop, or geeksta rap, is a subgenre of hip hop music characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds, though it can appeal to others as well. Self-described nerdcore musician MC Frontalot coined the term in 2000 in the song "Nerdcore Hiphop".Frontalot, like most nerdcore artists, self-publishes his work and has released much of it for free online. As a niche genre, nerdcore generally holds to the DIY ethic, has a history of self-publishing and self-production.
more and two film trailers in the read more

Currently two feature length documentaries about the world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop are in the works, Nerdcore Rising and Nerdcore For Life. Nerdcore Rising, directed by New York filmmakers Negin Farsad and Kimmy Gatewood, follows Nerdcore pioneer MC Frontalot as he embarked on his first US tour in 2006. Nerdcore For Life by Chicago director Dan Lamoureux examines the genre as a whole and contains appearances by over two dozen of the best known performers in the scene.

Nerdcore For Life Trailer

Nerdcore Rising the Movie - Teaser

and now one of my favorite Nerdcore songs by one of my favorite Nerdcore MCs its about everyones favorite bounty hunter

mc chris - fetts vette

New Isis Video

~ ~
Isis - Holy Tears(Directed by Dominic Hailstone)

the song is off there 2007 release "In The Absence Of Truth" and the video is on the single version of Holy Tears the single also features
1. Holy Tears (Album Version)
2. Not In Rivers, But In Drops (Melvins / Lustmord remix)
3. Holy Tears (Live from Continental Airlines Arena 10.06)


~ ~

Melvins are an American rock band that usually performs as a trio. They were formed in Montesano, Washington in the early '80s. Their dark, heavy, oppressively slow sound made them innovators of genres like sludge, grunge and doom metal.

Melvins' music is influenced by Black Flag's My War-era hardcore punk and Black Sabbath-style heavy metal, but their idiosyncratic approach, bizarre sense of humor, and experimentation make neat categorization difficult. Singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne (aka "King Buzzo") and drummer Dale Crover are constant members while several bass guitarists have cycled through the group. The band was named after a grocery clerk at the Thriftway in Montesano, Washington where Osborne was employed. Melvin was the most-hated fellow employee and the band felt it to be an appropriate name. Like SF noisenik predecessors Flipper, their love of slow tempos and sludgy sound were a strong influence on grunge music, especially Nirvana and many other bands from Seattle. Their protegés, however, tended to use more conventional musical structures with this sound.
While never finding and probably never even seeking great mainstream success, Melvins maintain an impressive schedule of new albums and tours, including a collaboration with Fantômas in The Fantômas Melvins Big Band and two releases with former Dead Kennedys front man Jello Biafra, and have a dedicated cult following. In appreciation of these devoted fans, Melvins have released various collectables through the years that have included two-headed dolls, an eight-track tape, and a plastic fetus in a jar.

Melvins are currently performing with bass player Jared Warren from Big Business, who participated on their album (a) Senile Animal along with Osborne and Crover. Coady Willis, the drummer from Big Business, has also been inducted into the band - he and Crover both take up the position of drummer simultaneously, contributing extremely heavy-hitting, explosive rhythms in synchronization with each other.

Melvins-"Honey Bucket"

Melvins - Queen

Melvins - Revolve

Melvins - lizzy


Melvins - Bar-X-The Rocking M

Melvins - With Teeth

Melvins - Matt-Alec

Melvins - "The Talking Horse"

Do Make Say Think

~ ~
Do Make Say Think is an instrumental group from Toronto, Ontario. The band formed in the 1990s as a recording project for one of the members' sound engineering classes in college. Their first rehearsals took place in an empty schoolroom where four basic verbs -- Do, Make, Say and Think -- adorned the walls. The group subsequently adopted the words as a name. Their music combines jazz-style drums with electric bass, synthesizers, electric guitars, wind instruments, and electronic effects.

Do Make Say Think consists of Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, bass, saxophone and flute), David Mitchell (drums), James Payment (drums), Justin Small (guitar) and Charles Spearin (bass, guitar and trumpet). Jason Mackenzie (keyboards and effects) departed after the first album. Justin Small is also involved in a side project entitled Lullabye Arkestra, as a drummer with his partner, bassist Katia Taylor. They have been produced by Benchetrit, who -- along with Spearin -- records and tours with the Toronto supergroup Broken Social Scene.
Do Make Say Think are routinely joined onstage by Brian Cram, who performs with James Payment in a metal band called Gesundheit.
In 1997 the band independently released their first full length CD, Do Make Say Think, which was quickly picked up by Montréal based label Constellation Records (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am, A Silver Mt. Zion…) and released worldwide. By mid-1999 the band had finished recording their second album Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord Is Dead—a title taken from an anonymous art installation erected in the alleyway behind the home of the three roommates in Chinatown—and were preparing for their first European tour at the end of the year.
The recording approach to Goodbye Enemy Airship… became a kind of template for the records to follow: find a location, preferably rural (in this case Mackenzie’s grandparent’s barn near Port Hope, Ontario), free from distractions and complaining neighbours and move in for a few days to record lightly sketched out bed-tracks. After that, the songs are brought back to Toronto where overdubs are recorded and mixing is done over many months. The recording, mixing and mastering on all the albums so far have been done by Ohad Benchetrit and Charles Spearin with help from Justin Small.
In 2002, the band’s third LP & Yet & Yet was released; in 2004 Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn; and in February 2007, You, You're a History in Rust, which features guest vocals by Akron/Family, Alex Lukashevsky (Deep Dark United), and Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), as well as Do Make Say Think themselves singing on the closing song “In Mind”.
The song "Chinatown" from 2002's & Yet & Yet is featured in the movie Syriana, starring George Clooney, as well as The Corporation.
The song "Fredericia" is named after a small town in Denmark the band has visited multiple times, and was also written in that town after a concert.

do make say think "Horns of a Rabbit" Live

Do Make Say Think - The Universe!

Do Make Say Think - A Tender History In Rust

MP3>do make say think -minmin (live)

MP3>do make say think -The Landlord Is Dead

MP3>do make say think -reitschule

MP3>do make say think -HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!

Neon Blonde

~ ~

Neon Blonde is a dance-punk/indie electronica/experimental post-hardcore duo consisting of Johnny Whitney and Mark Gajadhar from the now defunked The Blood Brothers. They are based in Kirkland, Washington. The two expand upon The Blood Brothers sound by making more electronic and dance music, while still keeping their hardcore roots. Songs have plenty of breakdowns and other traditional "Blood Brothers" sounds. Their first album, Chandeliers In Savannahs, was written completely by Whitney and was his first attempt at songwriting. It also gave Whitney the opportunity to showcase his guitarwork for the first time. They are signed to Dim Mak Records.

Neon Blonde, 'Headlines'

Neon Blonde the future is a mesh stallion

Troll 2 best worst movie

~ ~
Troll 2, a low budget, Italian B-horror film originally released in 1990, is currently ranked on Internet Movie Database (IMDb) as the #36 worst movie of all time (it was ranked at #1 for quite sometime). A film by Claudio Fragasso, under the fake name of Drake Floyd, is about a family trip in which a young boy named Joshua is chased by man-eating goblins in a town called Nilbog ("Goblin" spelled backwards, as Joshua realizes). Vegetarian Goblins of Nilbog attempt to transform Joshua's family into edible plant mush until a deceased grandfather and a double-decker bologna sandwich saves the day.

The cast includes Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, and Darren Ewing among others. The film has no direct connection to the Empire Pictures film Troll. Indeed, despite the title, there are no trolls in Troll 2. Hailed as the holy grail of bad movies, "Normal human minds couldn't have made such an awful movie like this in the 1990's", said movie critics.
Strangely, after all of these years, Troll 2 is making a recent resurgence and gaining off-beat underground popularity. The film has spurred fan sites, music videos, invitation-only dress-up dinner parties, audience participation screenings, drinking games, remixed songs, and even dance moves - but mention the title and most people will have never heard of it.

Troll 2, a film that critics have placed in the so bad it's good genre, was released over16 years ago with little success. Fast forward to 2004 when MGM re-released it on DVD and today the movie is quickly becoming a cult classic - known as the "best worst movie", with fans from around the world buzzing about its awfulness.

Pudgy-potato-sack clad midgets, a laugh-inducing soundtrack, cheap latex masks, absurd one-liners, green yogurt goop, chlorophyll sweat, a corn-on-the-cob sex scene, and peculiar story ideas including battling vegetarian goblins with a bologna sandwich made on a hamburger bun, surely has contributed to the unintentional laughs and hilarious stupidity offered through Troll 2. But, what really puts Troll 2 in a class of its own are the dedicated fans who feel compelled to share Troll 2 awfulness with the rest of the world. Determined fans are going to entertaining extremes to make Troll 2 recognized as the #1 worst film in cinematic history.
"Troll 2 is not just another bad film. It's unbelievably, hilariously bad...It's an infectious disease providing a new form of contagious, absurd entertainment," said Michael Stephenson, lead actor (Joshua Waits) in Troll 2 and co-creator of Troll 2's popularity is spreading like a virus. College kids are passing around worn VHS copies and going through great effort to organize Troll 2 parties. The only requirement for admittance is to bring something green to eat and throw popcorn and bologna sandwiches at the screen during appropriate scenes. It's becoming our generations Rocky Horror Picture Show.

"I have had the pleasure in getting to know quite a few fans, and I must say, they are amongst some of the funniest, creative, interesting and entertaining people in the world. Fans deserve credit for infecting others with Troll 2. We decided to launch a website that recognizes Troll 2 fans while serving as a central location for fans throughout the world to commune, post homemade videos and songs, interact with cast members and capture the entertaining fanfare that is making this movie awful popular. Together, we are infecting the world with the best worst movie."

There are two kinds of bad movies - the disturbing ones that you never want to see again and the ones that you want to run out and share with everyone. The underground popularity of Troll 2 is spreading like an infectious disease.

see for your own eyes the awesomeness of Troll 2
Troll 2 Trailer

The Best of Troll 2