Phoenix Lander lands on Mars

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The Phoenix Lander has landed on Mars, Phoenix entered the Martian atmosphere at nearly 21,000 km per hour thus completing a 680 million kilometer flight from Earth.Parachute deployment was about 7 seconds later than expected, leading to a landing position some 25–28 km long. The reason for this delay is not yet known. The landing position is still uncertain, with a 99% confidence radius of about 10 km around an estimated position.

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The mission has two goals. One is to study the geologic history of water, the key to unlocking the story of past climate change. The second is to search for evidence of a habitable zone that may exist in the ice-soil boundary, the "biological paydirt"

The first images from the lander became available around 7 pm PDT.The images show a surface strewn with pebbles and incised with small troughs into polygons about 5 m across and 10 cm high, with the expected absence of large rocks and hills. The polygonal cracking in this area had previously been observed from orbit, and is similar to patterns seen in permafrost areas in polar and high altitude regions of Earth.

New Yip-Yip Video Interview Thing

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Rocky IV Reckyrd (review)

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what is The Vinny Club sound well it sounds like Rutger Hauer and Kurt Russell are playing a Commodore 64 in the back of a DeLorean traveling at 88mph. Ferris Bueller's on the roof having a lightsaber fight with Clubber Lang. There's a gremlin chewing on the flux capacitor and a T-800 on the bonnet punching through the windscreen. Bono's driving and so much more.

Rocky IV Reckyrd is a concept album based on Rocky IV (the best rocky film) from The Vinny Club, heres what the press release had to say about The Vinny Club

The Vinny Club is the lovechild of Vinny , bassist in cult Irish band Adebisi Shank. Born out of a dangerous obsession with 8 bit Video games and 80's action movies, his unique brand of synth pop fun will eave you with a boner in your pants and a grin on your face. By the age 11 Vinny had constructed a makeshift recording studio under his bed where he retreated to for hours on end

The album starts off with "Its Not You Its Of"(19833333333333333333) the song i heard at every party last year and it still sounds fresh and even better when your fucked up.For there the album blast off with some track you might have heard off his myspace to some ones you wont all with that sexy cracking beats and funky baselines that is the Vinny club sound , they also have a very complex structure but always keeping that pop element (all songs track in at under 3:30 making them quick fast slices of excellence) that makes you grin and well get a boner just like the press release said. Ive been struggling over this review because i wanted to do the album justice , but i don't think words can convey what this album is like i feel it has to be heard and then you will know my joy(stick). i think the only option of you people is to come to his debut gig in Andrews lane on the 31st of may (its only a tenner and you get the album as well) as see the it for yourself live i will be there dancing up a storm to the chiptune bliss, also on the night will be dj set from super extra bonus party , Foggy Notions and Bats

to wet your appetite i now offer my favorite track off the album Drago's Revenge heres what vinny had to say about the track

so imagine rocky V, except just after rocky n fam move back to the old neighbourhood, drago pulls up in a benz, steps out and punches rocky to death in front of adrian and sage stallone(who shouldn't even have been in that film, like the kid is 6 in rocky IV, rocky V is supposed to be a couple of weeks later, all of a sudden the kids 12 or 13?? anyway), yeah after that he punches the wife and son to death too, but he lets uncle paulie live for some reason(cos he's already dead inside maybe)

MP3> the Vinny Club - Drago's Revenge

so with all that in mind i leave you with

The Vinny Club myspace
Richter Collective myspace

Reaching Quiet

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Reaching Quiet is a collaboration between Anticon’s Why? (Yoni Wolf) and Odd Nosdam (David Madson) so far they have only released one album 2002's In The Shadow Of The Living Room (its great and for no other reason some Reaching quiet videos i just found on you tube)

Reaching Quiet - Slow Polaroid

Reaching Quiet - Salad Days (Live)

Reaching Quiet - "She ain't gonna call you back"

Reaching Quiet - 113th clean

New Pelican video

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Pelican - Dead Between The Walls

off City Of Echoes
directed by David Kleiler, and paying homage to Kyuss' "Green Machine."

New Wall animation from BLU

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blu website
a few earlier ones in the read more

walking (2 times)

Letter A (2 times)

Dosh - "Capture The Flag"

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"Capture The Flag" from the album Wolves And Wishes recorded live in Dosh's basement with Mike Lewis. Video by Randy Kramer.

The Mountain Goats [ft. Aesop Rock]: "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" (Aesop Rock Remix)

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John Darnielle on the official website for the Mountain Goats said "a couple months back I gave Aesop Rock all the constituent parts of the song 'Lovecraft in Brooklyn' and told him 'go nuts, why don't you?' It is with great pleasure that I present to you Aesop's completely great from-the-ground-up remix and an accompanying video from the truly awesome Sketch Theatre."
enjoy the results

Mike Patton & Rahzel

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Mike Patton & Rahzel - Milkshake (Kelis)

Mike Patton & Rahzel - Forget Me Nots +

Mike Patton & Rahzel - Pony (Ginuwine cover version)

Mike Patton & Rahzel - medley

Station streaming

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Russian Circles new album Station came out today and being the nice chaps they are they have the whole album streaming here so you can listen to it before you rush out and buy it.

A Little Atomic Bomb

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Animation of Charles Bukowski Poem

Digi Snacks cover art and tracklisting

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Rza in his alter ego form of Bobby Digital will release his new album on July 1.the album will feature Inspectah Deck,Crisis, Dexter Wiggles, Thea van Seijen,Stone Mecca the Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante, Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down ,Achozen, and George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison.
Speaking to pitchfork Rza said he wanted to make a fun record "something spiritually akin" to Ol' Dirty Bastard debut album Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Versions. Just look at that album artwork above its awesome
(tracklisting and some more risque artwork in the read more)

Digi Snacks (tracklist not in order):

Digi Snacks Intro [ft. Understanding]
U Can't Stop Me Now [ft. Inspectah Deck]
Drama [ft. Monk and Thea van Seijen]
Goodnight Kiss [ft. Rev. Burk, Thea van Seijen, and Crisis]
Don't Be Afraid to Call My Name
Straight Up the Block
Booby Traps / Digi Snacks [ft. Dexter Wiggles]
Money Don't Own Me [ft. Monk and Stone Mecca]
I-Scream [ft. Dexter Wiggles and Crisis]
No Regrets
Love Is Digi Parts II [ft. Kinetic and Crisis]
Long Time Coming
Try Ya Yi Ya [ft. Thea van Seijen]
Creep [ft. Black Knights]

And finally heres a track off Bobby Digital album In stereo

MP3>Bobby Digital - My Lovin' Is Digi


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"theSedmond&Ronsonshow" episode I

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