For no reason other then awesomeness

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Im just a Rock N' Roll Clown

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A music video for Dr. Rockso "The Rock n Roll Clown" song Im just a Rock N' Roll Clown its was banned from music television as you could see his junk through his jumpsuit

The Hard Way

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Though i would post this as have been listening to the new Racebannon album Acid or Blood (not really that new but there last album and came out this year can I still called it new ???), anyway if fucking great album and sounds like sheer filth

Racebannon - The Hard Way (Live)

Past Lives

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Still not 100% on what i think about Jaguar Love, but i got the Past Lives "Strange Symmetry EP" and it is fucking amazing , with that i just found some decent youtube footage of Past Lives so..

(In the read more two live videos and an interview with Jordan Blilie of Past Lives)

Past Lives - Strange Symmetry

Past Lives - Beyond Gone

Jordan Blilie with Public Access Media

My review of Razorlights new album Slipway Fires (the one that wasnt welcome on egoeccentric)

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