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The first track off the new Marnie Stern album, called This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That
really looking forward to her new album
enjoy the shread

Transformer - Marnie Stern


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Antiquated technology makes Seattle’s Truckasaurus unsung heroes of the lo-fi side of the crunky club techno scene. Heavy use of old Commodore 64 mods, Roland TR-808, Gameboy beats, and distorted megaphone distinguish them from most of the new comers. The Truck’s debut album, Tea Parties, Guns and Valor boasts 9 original tracks, a cover of the theme from “Airwolf,” and an array of remixes by some of the Northwest’s biggest names in electronic music: Copy, DJ Collage, and Jerry Abstract all try a hand at reworking the group’s signature sound.

The true Truck experience, however, is through their live sets. Fishing vests, trucker hats emblazoned with bald eagles, and American flags-as-capes are the fashion de rigueur for this crew, who stand in front of a projected VHS mashup of monster truck rallies, helicopter explosions, and homoerotic WWF matches.Innovative beat guru Phillip Sherburne of Consolidated refers to them in Pitchfork as “No next-level, cybernautic, telekinetic future-shock shit here, just cranky circuitry and a siren switch. For another, they don’t really make the boompty-boompty, four-to-the-floor, capital-t Techno that’s the genre’s present-day signature


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Calamari Safari - Poultrygeist Theme Song

I watched this movie a while back and i found it really really enjoyable probably one of the best troma films Ive ever seen (really that good)

trailer in the read more

Poultrygeist Trailer

Some Wholesome Scenes from TROMA'S POULTRYGEIST!

Common People

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I have no shame in saying im a trekie come on the Shat rules

Almost from the beginning, fans noticed the loving nature of the relationship. A few fan writers started speculating about the possibility of a sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock. The Kirk/Spock phenomenon eventually took on a life of its own, and became one of the driving forces in Star Trek fanzines during their heyday.