More Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Sculptures

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Subway Sea Monster

Jesus is a good name to moan

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Mugis​on'​s new video​ for "​Jesus​ is a good name to moan"​ from his forth​comin​g Ipeca​c relea​se,​ "​Mugib​oogie​"​ comin​g out on June 24!

Mugison (or Örn Elías Guðmundsson) is an Icelandic musician and singer who usually performs as a one man band using a guitar and a laptop. He studied in London to become a Record producer. He is currently signed to Ipecac Recordings,
Mugison myspace

animal collective @ coachella

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Animal collective playing Panda bear's "Comfy in Nautica," live at Coachella on Saturday night.

more videos of animal collective @ coachella in the read more

Animal Collecitve: "House"

Animal Collective: "BearHug"

Giraffes? Giraffes!

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Giraffes? Giraffes! is a Santa Cruz duo that plays spastic post rock with a touch of free jazz. Its two members are Joseph Andreoli (guitar) and Kenneth Topham (drums), both also members of the larger band The Mothers Eggs.

Ken and Joe grew up in Massachusetts.
Even though they had never met, they both enjoyed the same amusement park. They both liked a ride called the Rotor. You would stand inside the Rotor and it would spin and you would stick to the wall and the floor would drop.
Joe once saw someone puke on the Rotor and it stuck to their face until the ride slowed down.Ken has never seen anyone puke on the Rotor.
Joe and Ken first met while going to college in New Hampshire. Ken studied music, while Joe studied literature.
They drank coffee and talked about the theory that whales were once sea creatures and they evolved into wolf-like creatures that ran on land, but they didn’t like it so they evolved back into sea creatures and eventually became huge fucking whales.
They formed a band.
They can both play guitar and drums, but in GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! Joe taps and plucks while Ken taps and hits.
Ken and Joe and their very nice and very attractive girlfriends moved to Santa Cruz, California. They like it there. It’s nice outside.
LOVES IN HEAT records released the new GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! album “More Skin With Milk-Mouth” on December 8th, 2007.

The Ghost Of EPEEPEE'S Ghost/Emilie Sagee's Secret - Live in Fresno, CA on 02.01.08

When the catholic girls go camping, the nicotine vampires rule supreme - Live at the Satyricon in Portland, OR - 01.28.08

MP3>Giraffes? Giraffes!- I am s/h(im)e[r] as you am s/h(im)e[r] as you are me and we am I and I are all our together:
Our collective consciousness’ psychogenic fugue

MP3>Giraffes? Giraffes!-Fucking Ants Man! Where They Coming From? (Let's Hang The Caroll Footnoteitsists)

Q and not U - X-Polynation (Burn to Shine)

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Burn to Shine is an ongoing series of music DVDs created by Trixie DVD, a collaboration between filmmaker Christoph Green and ex-Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty. The filmmakers select a house that is set to be demolished in a certain city and ask a member of a local band to curate the event. In one day they shoot all of the selected bands giving each band an hour to set up and perform with no overdubs or corrections. They document the house's history and subsequent demolition, creating bookends for the performances on the DVD.

Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru

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another great Human Giant sketch in the read more

"Other Music"

errors - toes

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Video for unrecorded Animal Collective song

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Animal Collective: "Brother Sport" (Live in Lyon, France)

Zach Hill’s solo Record

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Zach Hill performs/has performed in numerous Pacific Coast based groups, including Hella, Holy Smokes, Nervous Cop, and a diverse other range of groups including Team Sleep (featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones), Goon Moon, and The Ladies (a duo consisting of Zach on drums and Rob Crow of Pinback on guitar. Well hes releasing a solo record on Ipecac on August 26.
So he likes to collaborative and on his solo hes going to be getting lots of his mates to guest on this new record too, heres a quick run down on who's gonna be on it Marnie Stern,Tyler Pope of !!! and LCD Soundsystem,Primus front man Les Claypool,No Age lads,Chino Moreno from Deftones ,old Hella bandmate Jonathan Hischke and current hella bandmate Carson McWhirter, Josh Hill as well as Steve Borth from Rx Bandit

tracklisting for the album
Astrological Straights:

01 Iambic Strays
02 Toll Road
03 Street People
04 Dark Art
05 Keep Calm and Carry On
06 Hindsight Is Nowhere
07 Ummer
08 Stoic Logic
09 Uhuru
10 Momentum
11 Unseen Forces
12 Tick On
13 Astrological Straits

Bonus disc:

01 Necromancer

some zach hill related videos in the read more

Hella - Try Dis...

hella- republic of rough and ready

Ipecac Drum Circle feat. Lombardo, Smith, & Hill


New Wu Tang Clan video

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Wu Tang Clan's The Heart Gently Weeps off the new album 8 Diagrams

Wu-Tang Clan [ft. Erykah Badu]: "The Heart Gently Weeps"

New Xiu Xiu Video

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New video from Xiu Xiu for their song FTW off Women As Lovers. Directed by Jamie Stewart

Xiu Xiu "F.T.W."

Xiu Xiu play Whelans on the 22nd of May

Old Time Relijun

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Old Time Relijun is a three-piece ensemble based in Olympia, Washington. With frequently rotating drummers (the current drummer is Germaine Baca, but past drummers have included Phil Elvrum a/k/a the Microphones), the main stalwarts are Arrington de Dionyso (vocals, guitar. Dionyso is also a respected throat singer and has a degree in ethnomusicology) and Aaron Hartman (stand-up bass). The band has added Aaron’s brother Benjamin to the mix, taking over the horn and woodwind work.

Pulling influences from no-wave sax machine James Chance, Howlin’ Wolf, and Captain Beefheart, Old Time Relijun creates a frenetic, challenging sound. Longtime members of Calvin Johnson’s K Records’ stable, Old Time Relijun has received divided reviews amongst critics. Many critics deride the band for being inaccessible but others see the band as visionary.

While there is a great split over their recorded albums, Old Time Relijun has a solid following amongst anyone who has seen their frenetic live show. In these live shows, it is not beyond Arrington to be playing in nothing more than his tighty whiteys while he and the band kick out the jams.


Cold Water

wolves and wolverines

MP3>Old Time Relijun -Indestructrible Life!

MP3>Old Time Relijun -Vampire Sushi

Nude With Boots

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The Melvins release " Nude With Boots," the follow-up album to 2006's "(A) Senile Animal," on July 8 via Ipecac Recordings.

The eleven track album was recorded in January 2008 in Los Angeles and features the same line-up as the previous outing (Buzz, Dale as well as Jared & Coady from Big Business).

Also coming in July is The Fantomas/Melvins Big Band "Live from London 2006" DVD featuring audio commentary from Buzz, Danny DeVito and Ipecac co-owner Greg Werckman.

track listing for Nude With Boots
1.The Kicking Machine
2.Billy Fish
3.Dog Island
4.Dies Iraea
5.Suicide In Progress
6.The Smiling Cobra
7.Nude With Boots
9.The Stupid Creep
10. The Savage Hippy
11. It Tastes Better Than The Truth

heres an interview with dale and heres one with buzzo
Also out this year is the vinyl releases of (A) Senile Animal, which will be in a super deluxe quadruple gate fold sleeve with four etched, one-sided 12 inch records

Newish trencher video

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Trencher - "Nightmares on Crack St."

Trencher's "Nightmares on Crack St." is from the album 'Lips'

Quasimoto - Bullyshit

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Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Sculptures

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Made from discarded plastic bags, then placed on the air grates of the N.Y subway , so when the rushing train goes by they inflate.