Zach Hill’s solo Record

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Zach Hill performs/has performed in numerous Pacific Coast based groups, including Hella, Holy Smokes, Nervous Cop, and a diverse other range of groups including Team Sleep (featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones), Goon Moon, and The Ladies (a duo consisting of Zach on drums and Rob Crow of Pinback on guitar. Well hes releasing a solo record on Ipecac on August 26.
So he likes to collaborative and on his solo hes going to be getting lots of his mates to guest on this new record too, heres a quick run down on who's gonna be on it Marnie Stern,Tyler Pope of !!! and LCD Soundsystem,Primus front man Les Claypool,No Age lads,Chino Moreno from Deftones ,old Hella bandmate Jonathan Hischke and current hella bandmate Carson McWhirter, Josh Hill as well as Steve Borth from Rx Bandit

tracklisting for the album
Astrological Straights:

01 Iambic Strays
02 Toll Road
03 Street People
04 Dark Art
05 Keep Calm and Carry On
06 Hindsight Is Nowhere
07 Ummer
08 Stoic Logic
09 Uhuru
10 Momentum
11 Unseen Forces
12 Tick On
13 Astrological Straits

Bonus disc:

01 Necromancer

some zach hill related videos in the read more

Hella - Try Dis...

hella- republic of rough and ready

Ipecac Drum Circle feat. Lombardo, Smith, & Hill


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