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Troll 2, a low budget, Italian B-horror film originally released in 1990, is currently ranked on Internet Movie Database (IMDb) as the #36 worst movie of all time (it was ranked at #1 for quite sometime). A film by Claudio Fragasso, under the fake name of Drake Floyd, is about a family trip in which a young boy named Joshua is chased by man-eating goblins in a town called Nilbog ("Goblin" spelled backwards, as Joshua realizes). Vegetarian Goblins of Nilbog attempt to transform Joshua's family into edible plant mush until a deceased grandfather and a double-decker bologna sandwich saves the day.

The cast includes Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, and Darren Ewing among others. The film has no direct connection to the Empire Pictures film Troll. Indeed, despite the title, there are no trolls in Troll 2. Hailed as the holy grail of bad movies, "Normal human minds couldn't have made such an awful movie like this in the 1990's", said movie critics.
Strangely, after all of these years, Troll 2 is making a recent resurgence and gaining off-beat underground popularity. The film has spurred fan sites, music videos, invitation-only dress-up dinner parties, audience participation screenings, drinking games, remixed songs, and even dance moves - but mention the title and most people will have never heard of it.

Troll 2, a film that critics have placed in the so bad it's good genre, was released over16 years ago with little success. Fast forward to 2004 when MGM re-released it on DVD and today the movie is quickly becoming a cult classic - known as the "best worst movie", with fans from around the world buzzing about its awfulness.

Pudgy-potato-sack clad midgets, a laugh-inducing soundtrack, cheap latex masks, absurd one-liners, green yogurt goop, chlorophyll sweat, a corn-on-the-cob sex scene, and peculiar story ideas including battling vegetarian goblins with a bologna sandwich made on a hamburger bun, surely has contributed to the unintentional laughs and hilarious stupidity offered through Troll 2. But, what really puts Troll 2 in a class of its own are the dedicated fans who feel compelled to share Troll 2 awfulness with the rest of the world. Determined fans are going to entertaining extremes to make Troll 2 recognized as the #1 worst film in cinematic history.
"Troll 2 is not just another bad film. It's unbelievably, hilariously bad...It's an infectious disease providing a new form of contagious, absurd entertainment," said Michael Stephenson, lead actor (Joshua Waits) in Troll 2 and co-creator of Troll 2's popularity is spreading like a virus. College kids are passing around worn VHS copies and going through great effort to organize Troll 2 parties. The only requirement for admittance is to bring something green to eat and throw popcorn and bologna sandwiches at the screen during appropriate scenes. It's becoming our generations Rocky Horror Picture Show.

"I have had the pleasure in getting to know quite a few fans, and I must say, they are amongst some of the funniest, creative, interesting and entertaining people in the world. Fans deserve credit for infecting others with Troll 2. We decided to launch a website that recognizes Troll 2 fans while serving as a central location for fans throughout the world to commune, post homemade videos and songs, interact with cast members and capture the entertaining fanfare that is making this movie awful popular. Together, we are infecting the world with the best worst movie."

There are two kinds of bad movies - the disturbing ones that you never want to see again and the ones that you want to run out and share with everyone. The underground popularity of Troll 2 is spreading like an infectious disease.

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