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Do Make Say Think is an instrumental group from Toronto, Ontario. The band formed in the 1990s as a recording project for one of the members' sound engineering classes in college. Their first rehearsals took place in an empty schoolroom where four basic verbs -- Do, Make, Say and Think -- adorned the walls. The group subsequently adopted the words as a name. Their music combines jazz-style drums with electric bass, synthesizers, electric guitars, wind instruments, and electronic effects.

Do Make Say Think consists of Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, bass, saxophone and flute), David Mitchell (drums), James Payment (drums), Justin Small (guitar) and Charles Spearin (bass, guitar and trumpet). Jason Mackenzie (keyboards and effects) departed after the first album. Justin Small is also involved in a side project entitled Lullabye Arkestra, as a drummer with his partner, bassist Katia Taylor. They have been produced by Benchetrit, who -- along with Spearin -- records and tours with the Toronto supergroup Broken Social Scene.
Do Make Say Think are routinely joined onstage by Brian Cram, who performs with James Payment in a metal band called Gesundheit.
In 1997 the band independently released their first full length CD, Do Make Say Think, which was quickly picked up by MontrĂ©al based label Constellation Records (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am, A Silver Mt. Zion…) and released worldwide. By mid-1999 the band had finished recording their second album Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord Is Dead—a title taken from an anonymous art installation erected in the alleyway behind the home of the three roommates in Chinatown—and were preparing for their first European tour at the end of the year.
The recording approach to Goodbye Enemy Airship… became a kind of template for the records to follow: find a location, preferably rural (in this case Mackenzie’s grandparent’s barn near Port Hope, Ontario), free from distractions and complaining neighbours and move in for a few days to record lightly sketched out bed-tracks. After that, the songs are brought back to Toronto where overdubs are recorded and mixing is done over many months. The recording, mixing and mastering on all the albums so far have been done by Ohad Benchetrit and Charles Spearin with help from Justin Small.
In 2002, the band’s third LP & Yet & Yet was released; in 2004 Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn; and in February 2007, You, You're a History in Rust, which features guest vocals by Akron/Family, Alex Lukashevsky (Deep Dark United), and Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), as well as Do Make Say Think themselves singing on the closing song “In Mind”.
The song "Chinatown" from 2002's & Yet & Yet is featured in the movie Syriana, starring George Clooney, as well as The Corporation.
The song "Fredericia" is named after a small town in Denmark the band has visited multiple times, and was also written in that town after a concert.

do make say think "Horns of a Rabbit" Live

Do Make Say Think - The Universe!

Do Make Say Think - A Tender History In Rust

MP3>do make say think -minmin (live)

MP3>do make say think -The Landlord Is Dead

MP3>do make say think -reitschule

MP3>do make say think -HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!

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