I tried to kiss her in the fourth dimension But the teacher gave me five days detention

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The Chinese Stars are an American band from Providence, Rhode Island formed from the ashes of Arab on Radar and Six Finger Satellite. Their music has been put under the noise rock/dance category, but could best be described as having solid funk basslines, 4-on-the-floor dance beats and very trebly vocals and guitar work. Singer Eric Paul provides somewhat disturbing vocals, viewed by most fans as an exorcising of past demons.

Eric Paul and Craig Kureck before the bands collapse were the driving force behind Arab On Radar and likewise Richard Ivan Pelletier was the former drummer of Six Finger Satellite and, after Six Finger Satellite disbanded, joined The Chinese Stars on bass.
Their name is a reference to a fad in the eighties over Shuriken throwing stars from Japan, and the effect they had on terrified parents.
Their EP on Kitty Play Records was intended to be a split with Daughters but a tiff (allegedly at the fish and chips store where two of the members worked) prevented this.
Their 2007 album "Listen to Your Left Brain" recorded with Keith Souza at Machines With Magnets was released March 20th on ThreeOneG.

The Chinese Stars - Cheap City Halo

Chinese Stars "Girls of Las Vegas"

MP3>The Chinese Stars-Left Brain

MP3>The Chinese Stars -Panic in the Population

MP3>The Chinese Stars -Girls of Las Vegas

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