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Nerdcore hip hop, or geeksta rap, is a subgenre of hip hop music characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds, though it can appeal to others as well. Self-described nerdcore musician MC Frontalot coined the term in 2000 in the song "Nerdcore Hiphop".Frontalot, like most nerdcore artists, self-publishes his work and has released much of it for free online. As a niche genre, nerdcore generally holds to the DIY ethic, has a history of self-publishing and self-production.
more and two film trailers in the read more

Currently two feature length documentaries about the world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop are in the works, Nerdcore Rising and Nerdcore For Life. Nerdcore Rising, directed by New York filmmakers Negin Farsad and Kimmy Gatewood, follows Nerdcore pioneer MC Frontalot as he embarked on his first US tour in 2006. Nerdcore For Life by Chicago director Dan Lamoureux examines the genre as a whole and contains appearances by over two dozen of the best known performers in the scene.

Nerdcore For Life Trailer

Nerdcore Rising the Movie - Teaser

and now one of my favorite Nerdcore songs by one of my favorite Nerdcore MCs its about everyones favorite bounty hunter

mc chris - fetts vette
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