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PFFR (pronounced P.F.R.) is a Brooklyn based electro-rock band/art collective consisting of Alyson Levy, Vernon Chatman, Jim Tozzi, and John Lee.

The groups portfolio of work includes 3 LPs: Rock, Rocker, Rocketh (2001, self released), Injustice Center (2003, Invasion Planete France) and United We Doth (2004, Birdman), the download-only EP Chrome Ghost (2005, Birdman-A-Phone), art exhibits such as An Attack On All Americans Or The Tyranny Of Weed shown at the LFL Galley in New York, and the script for avante garde porn film Final Flesh.

PFFR are also behind the controversial MTV2 comedy series Wonder Showzen. Chatman and Lee are the writers, directors and main voice talent, whilst Levy and Tozzi are the shows art/animation directors and additional voice talent. Chatman and Lee also collaborated on Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, a short lived sketch show starring rapper Snoop Dogg who made a guest appearance on PFFR's 'United We Doth' LP.

In interviews, the band have proven to be whimsical and flippant, often going off at random, nonsensical tangents to their own amusement. When asked about their inception and existence, the answer is often the same: "A shimmering gem crashed down from the heavens, black clouds exploded unto the Earth and PFFR was formed." The story's finer details are known to vary, but the basic premise is kept. In an interview given by Chatman and Lee for The Sound Of Young America radio show, host Jesse Thorn asks the duo about the beliefs behind Wonder Showzen, to which they partly reply "We believe in the power of a mystical gem that emenated from a dark cloud in the sky. 'God' queefed her light through it, and the refraction formed a dragon, a cougar and a sea beast. They together shat out a script and we printed it up and shot it."
The bands website is equally outlandish, consisting of streams of garish, neon colours, a news column with such nonsense articles as "Goblins of Gob World Tour conceived. PFFR hospitalized after first grog. Hospital still under construction" and a 'cute' chipmunk that, when clicked, grows an enormous erect penis that ejaculates to display the sites menu options.

Before Wonder Showzen, PFFR were also known to not reveal their personal identities, and would only claim that they were a "group of highly motivated young people (aged 13, 15 and older) that formed a band in order to start a riot in the local public library." These nonsense claims and back story appropriately represent their bizarre music and art.

Dina Waxman from the alternative/indie rock band Space MTN is known to be a founding member of PFFR.

PFFR - Superfine

PFFR - japoney appoe

They also have a new show on Adult Swim called Xavier: Renegade Angel. The show follows Xavier (a Native American-influenced faun-like wanderer/seeker with a snake hand, backwards knees, a beak, heterochromic eyes, and six nipples), who is traveling across America to find out the truth about his mysterious and uncertain origin, and uncover his parents' murderer. Occasional flashbacks to his past show that he himself killed his parents after starting an accidental fire in their home, but on the rare occasions when he is presented with the truth, he subconsciously rejects it.

Each episode begins with Xavier walking through the desert, musing on the themes of that episode, before entering a town, where he will usually meet someone whom he thinks needs his help. His attempts to help, however, are hamstrung by his own abject incompetence, and many episodes are based purely around Xavier trying to limit the damage that he has caused. Most episodes end with him walking back into the desert, thinking that he has managed to do some good, when he usually has not.

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