two things ive watched this week strung out on painkillers

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having pulled a muscle in my back this week ive been taking some serious painkillers and well i felt the need to share two things ive seen this week to make sure they are not some painkiller induced hallucination.

the first one is Midgets Vs Mascots
Midgets Vs Mascots is about a "documentary" that follows 10 contestants as they compete for 1 million dollars in prize money as part of the will of famous Dallas little person and team mascot “Big Red” Bush.The competetions they compete are bullfighting, gator wrestlings, drinking contests (and then following that a see who can pull first in the bar)ok its a mockumentary but well worth seeing........ oh yeah it also has gary coleman (and his cock in it)

The second is Star-ving starring David Faustino of Married...with Children fame. heres the blurb
“Married…with Children’s” Bud Bundy, David Faustino, is back and bare-assed! Along with his whacked out side kick, Corin Nemec ("Parker Lewis Can't Lose"), he’s trying to get back on top. Nobody said being a short, alcoholic, sex maniac, ex-child actor was easy."
Star-ving isnt a tv show per say well its isnt on tv its a webshow and its not for the faint of heart,but also strangely mesmerizing. the first epsiode is below.

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