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"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre,
whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they
must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post
these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7
other people to see what they're listening to."
The lovely and ever so sexy cletus_buckley has tagged me so in the read more is what ive been had on repeat a lot lately

so i guess a few words before each track is in order

this is off the sound track to Clockwork Orange, and is a reworking of the original by Walter/Wendy Carlos,Walter/Wendy Carlos is an American composer and electronic musician. She is one of the first famous performers of electronic music using synthesizers. In 1972, Carlos underwent sex reassignment surgery, (also love her soundtrack to tron) love listening to his song on the luas kinda baked and watching all the people get on and off.
MP3>Walter/Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Theme From A Clockwork Orange (Beethoviana)

Slick Rick (Real name Richard Walters,born January 14, 1965 in South Wimbledon, London, England) is an East Coast rapper, known for a series of hip hop recordings during the 1980s. He was blinded by broken glass as an infant and took to wearing an eyepatch from an early age. Walters moved with his family to the Bronx in 1975. Got the album The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick a few months back and is great old school stuff , and the song is great for the way the story telling especially for the time as well.

Slick Rick - Children's Story

MP3>Slick Rick - Children's Story

Led by rob crow (of pinback, heavy vegetable, optiganally yours, the ladies, goblin cock, physics, aspects of physics, orca, fantasy mission force, snotnose, remote action sequence project, altron tube, the alpha males, and surely more bands) Thingy formed in 1995 or 1996 after the dissolving of heavy vegetable, thingy specialized in a highly complex and melodic form of indie/rock type music with boy/girl vocals. always quirkly and playfully downtrodden. just of late been listening to their albums again , no real reason (no real reason needed their great).

MP3>Thingy - Destroy All Music

Don't think i could keep my street cred of being a Anticon addict if i didn't have at least one Anticon artist so heres Object Beings, Object Beings is Dose One, Why? and The Pedestrian.

Why & Pedestrian perform Attack of the Postmodern Patboones

MP3>object beings - Attack Of The Postmodern Pat Boones

Saw The Mae Shi play crawdaddy a few weeks ago as part of the Soundtrack festival and wow what a live show they put on , in and out of the crowd a big sheet thrown over the crowd and then held up like a little tent and them singing under it , really really good live show.

The Mae Shi - "Lamb and the Lion"

MP3>The Mae Shi - Lamb And The Lion

This is off the new Errors Album It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever and i loving it (the song and the album) looking forward to a party when im allowed to put music on to play this.

MP3>Errors - Pump

And Finally something just a touch heavier then the rest Genghis Tron , if you have sensitive ear you might wanna turn down you speakers, but you should still listen to it. off there new album Board Up the House. heres a video of them playing on a truck bed like some sideshow act

Genghis Tron "Board Up the House"

MP3>Genghis Tron - Board Up The House

And I tagged the following folk
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