The Notwist To Play Dublin

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German indie rock band The Notwist are set to play the Button Factory on June 7th; tickets are €17.50

Acher, Acher, and Messerschmidt formed the group in 1989 in Weilheim, near Munich. In 1990 they recorded their self-titled debut, a grunge-metal oriented LP. 1992 saw the release of Nook, which has an indie rock sound, while their 1995 album 12 contains their first flirtation with electronics. Martin Gretschmann (aka Console) joined the group in 1997. Shrink, released in 1998, is a jazz-electro-rock album which in some ways anticipates Radiohead's Amnesiac. The album Neon Golden (released in 2002) put them on the map for American listeners, with its heartfelt sentiment and catchy tunes.

The Notwist - Pilot

The Notwist - Pick up the Phone

also well worth a listen is 13 & God which is a a supergroup with Themselves and The Notwist.

13 & God - Superman On Ice

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