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In a kinda follow up to my post about 8bit genius Rob Hubbard i now offer more retro computer game aural pleasure in the form of the advantage

The Advantage are an American indie rock band from Nevada city, California that specialize in doing covers of music from old Nintendo Entertainment System games. They have covered songs from numerous games, including Mega Man, Castlevania and Metroid.

MP3 marble madness, race 2

MP3 ducktales, moon

MP3 - Castlevania III - Boss Music/Willow - Village/Megaman II - Bubble Man

MP3 - marioblastermaster live

MP3 - Wizards & Warriors - Tree Trunk/Woods/Victory

The Advantage plays Mega Man 2 Flashman

The Advantage performing Metal Gear - Jungle, Bomberman 2 - Wiggy, and a very short cover of Cake's "The Distance

more songs and vids on there myspace page here
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