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Rupert from bats recently went over to London to record some guest vocals on the new Down i go record 'Tyrant'.

Well if you missed Down I Go on there legendary sell out tour of Ireland last year with bats they sound like Earthquakes, tidal waves, swarms of disease carrying mosquitoes, burning houses, sinking ships, exploding reactors, starving dinosaurs, Bostonites drowning in treacle, fatal coughing fits, burning hair, stock market crash, planes falling from the sky...

With records called This is Disastercore (a retrospective of the world's worst disasters. Including songs about The Hindenburg, The Great Plague, The Challenger Space Shuttle, Chernobyl, the Extinction of the Dinosaurs, the sinking of the Titanic and many more. )
This is Dinocore (a musical experiment fusing the stories and profiles of prehistoric monsters with the music of metal and hardcore) and This is Robotcore (all about robots). There new record is called Tyrant mmm wonder what thats about.

check out the little video rupert made of the recording session

Down I Go - A Wasp In A Jar

also to see the debauched tour antics of both bands last year click here see them get their rats out
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